The Next Generation of EMDR: The neurological and interpersonal approach to EMDR (by Roy Kiessling)

Date(s) - 24/10/2019 - 26/10/2019


Shapiro’s Adaptive Information Processing hypothesis will be explained from a neurological, core belief perspective. EMDR’s 8 phase/3 pronged approach will be viewed through this neurological network perspective. Preparation will be extended from the simple “safe place” to extended resourcing of behavioural skills. Target Sequence Planning will be viewed from a neurological, core belief perspective. The Processing Continuum, i.e., EMD^, EMDr, and EMDR will be explained and practiced by participants.

Learning objectives:

  1. Be able to described the evolution of EMDR from the treatment of single incident PTSD to neurological processing of the client’s entire neural network, i.e., past, present and future triggers
  2. Be able to compare and contrast standard EMDR protocols with the neurological approach to EMDR processing
  3. Understand the neurological, belief-focused approach to psychotherapy and EMDR treatment
  4. Practice extended resourcing and EMDR processing interventions from the “Next Generation” approach


The above workshops will be open to all EMDR clinicians having at least completed a Level/Weekend/Part 1 of an EMDR Basic training that is approved by the regional association of the trainer.

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