Upcoming Basic Trainings


 (For updated information by the Ministry of Health, Singapore, see https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19)

In the interest of safeguarding the welfare of clients and practitioners, the Association has not approved or recognised any EMDR Basic Training which is offered online at this time due to the uncertainty of the proper transfer of skills via the totally online format. Further research and review will be undertaken to determine the suitability and efficacy of online training.

 In an effort to balance both continuation of Basic trainings and safety measures against COVID-19, the Association is running a hybrid format – the trainer is overseas and conducts the morning training sessions online, while the afternoon practicum sessions are in-person, facilitated by EMDR Singapore Approved Consultants at a local venue.

 Please refer to our Approved Basic Training page for the guidelines and best training practices we use to assess Basic Training programmes.

Trainees who complete non-approved EMDR Basic Training programmes are eligible to be Associate members but not Ordinary or Full members of the Association. Only Full members are eligible to work towards becoming an EMDR Singapore Certified Practitioner.