Eligibility Requirements

EMDR Therapy Basic Training Eligibility Requirements

For all Applicants:

EMDR is a specialised therapy that requires supervised training for therapeutic effectiveness and client safety. Clinical knowledge and work experience are necessary for proper application of EMDR Therapy.

Thus, we require that applicants have:

  1. 4-year Basic Degree (psychology, counselling, social work) or 2-year Master’s Degree (psychiatry, psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, or social work); and
  2. Minimum 2 years of full-time supervised clinical experience or full membership/registered psychologist with SPS; ordinary membership/RSW with SASW; CMSAC/RC with SAC; and
  3. Candidates are to be currently in clinical practice to complete their consultation requirements.

Supporting documents to be submitted with registration:

  • Transcript of Basic Degree or Master’s Degree.
  • Signed statement from clinical supervisor stating post-degree supervision for clinical cases at work setting.
  • Letter of current employment stating work responsibilities.

Some existing knowledge on trauma and its impact, as well as emotion/state-regulation skills will also ease integration of EMDR into a trainee’s clinical setting immediately following training.

For Applicants to EMDR Therapy Basic Training Weekend 2/Part 2 training:

In addition to the above requirements, applicants shall have:

  1. Completed EMDR Therapy Basic Training Weekend 1/Part 1 within the last 3 years prior to commencement of EMDR Therapy Basic Training Weekend 2/Part 2.
  2. Completed 5 hours supervision with an approved EMDR consultant. All hours to be fulfilled 1 month before the start of Weekend 2 training.

 For Applicants not residing in Singapore:

Applicants from outside of Singapore must check with their own country’s EMDR Association and accreditation/licensing bodies whether:

  1. They are eligible to be trained in EMDR (e.g., some countries require trainees to be a licensed mental health practitioner), and
  2. The EMDR Basic Training is recognised in their country.

You should only apply if you and the training meet your country’s eligibility criteria.



  • All requirements are subject for review at each run of training in response to changing needs on a national level, as well as taking into account regional and global circumstances.
  • EMDR Therapy Basic Training that is organised by EMDR Singapore is:
    • based on training manuals and structure from EMDR Institute, USA, and
    • recognised by EMDR Asia and EMDR Institute.
  • EMDR Singapore recognises training that is provided by EMDR Institute Trainers or EMDR Asia Trainers