Renewal of Certification

As a Certified EMDR Practitioner, you are committed to ongoing development and education in EMDR Therapy. This is shown by your participation in a minimum of 18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit hours in the area of EMDR, spread over at least 2 of 3 types of activities listed below, within a period of three years, thereby making you eligible to renew your certification for another three years. 

EMDR practitioners who do not renew their certification will be removed from the list of “Certified EMDR Practitioner” with EMDR Singapore.  

To apply for renewal:

You will be notified of the outcome of your application in about 2 months. If your application is successful, you will receive a certificate from the association stating you are a Certified EMDR Practitioner for a period of 3 years.

Instructions for completion of application form:

1) Have you previously obtained status as an EMDR Singapore Certified EMDR Practitioner within the last 3 years?
Answer YES or NO on the application form and provide the dates for when the certification is valid – this would be stated in your certificate. Please attach a copy of your certificate.

2) Have you accumulated at least 18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit hours in the area of EMDR Therapy (within the last 3 years)?  
Answer YES or NO on the application form and attach certified documentation supporting this statement. (You need only submit documentation for 18 CPD credit hours).  

*Please note that while EMDR Singapore will usually recognise credit hours issued by any sanctioned EMDR Association, there may be exceptions to the rule.

3) Are the 18 CPD credit hours spread over 2 of 3 of the activities listed below?
  a) Informational – Trainings / talks / lectures / conferences / workshops / association peer learning sessions – (online participation accepted);
  b) Clinical Practice – Case consultation with an Approved Consultant – individual or group (max 4 pax/group for a minimum of a 2-hour session, i.e. at least 30 minutes of case consultation per person) / full-day workshops that have a practicum component;
  c) Research – Relevant publications relating to EMDR / EMDR research focused activity (up to 6 CPD credit hours per publication)?Please indicate the number of hours as per the relevant types of activities on the application form. These activity types should be reflected in the documentation you are submitting.

4) Are you currently a Full Member of EMDR Singapore and in good standing?
Answer YES or NO on the application form.
If you wish to renew your membership with EMDR Singapore, application can be made at this link:

Membership fees: SGD40 (1 year) or SGD110 (3 years).
One year runs from 1st April through 31st March the following year.

5) Payment of Certification Renewal Application Fee(Non-refundable): SGD20
Please indicate which payment method you are using and include proof of payment/screenshot together with your application.
PayNow: UEN T10SS0113F
Bank Transfer: OCBC Acct No. 629-353830-001

6) Declaration Statement
Please sign the form.