CIDP-Critical Incident Desensitisation Protocols Workshop (by Roy Kiessling)

Date(s) - 28/10/2019


Individuals and communities are frequently exposed to traumatic experiences needing immediate grounding, stabilisation and desensitisation. Studies have shown that immediate desensitisation of the traumatic experiences reduce the possibility of them evolving into PTSD.

CIDP is a set of crisis intervention protocols that immediately reduces some of the impact of a traumatic event. While CIDP uses eye movements and other therapy concepts, it is not considered EMDR or psychotherapy.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the neurological foundations of trauma
  2. Describe the CIDP treatment intervention protocols
  3. Demonstrate the use of CIDP


The above workshops will be open to all EMDR clinicians having at least completed a Level/Weekend/Part 1 of an EMDR Basic training that is approved by the regional association of the trainer.

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