Basic Training_


Generally, the EMDR Basic Training the following knowledge and skill areas:

  • The Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model.
  • Research studies showing the efficacy of EMDR.
  • Case conceptualisation, treatment planning and target sequencing using the AIP model and the 3-pronged protocol.
  • Client readiness and suitability for EMDR Therapy, taking into account the overall competency level of the therapist.
  • How to apply the 8 phases of the EMDR basic protocol safely and effectively including but not limited to the following:

    – Introduce EMDR to a client and prepare him/her for treatment
    – Assess for image, Negative Cognition, Positive Cognition, emotions, and sensations of target memories
    – Obtain baseline Validity of Cognition and Subjective Units of Disturbance
    – Apply various forms of bilateral stimulation
    – The re-accessing and re-assessing of target memory
    – Respond to abreactions
    – Apply clinical interventions to manage ineffective or blocked processing
    – Determine specifically when each phase, especially desensitisation, installation, and body scan, is complete with respect to a target memory
    – Conclude a session
    – Appropriate evaluation of the next steps in treatment
  • Introduction to using EMDR with specific conditions/populations