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MARCH 2020  (rescheduled to later in the year – we will update you when new dates have been fixed)

EMDR Therapy Basic Training – Part 2 (of 2):

By EMDR Asia Trainer-of-trainer, Dr Sushma Mehrotra,and EMDR Singapore trainer-in-training, Dr Matthew Woo.

The training material is provided by Trauma Recovery/EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP), USA.

Date/Time:    8 – 10 Mar 2020 (9:30am – 5:30pm) – Part 2 Training
                       11 Mar 2020 (9:30am – 1pm) – Case Consultation
Venue:           Cana, 55 Waterloo St, Singapore 187954 (Level 3, St Mary Room)
Cost:              Members ($750)* / Non-Members ($850)*

To Register:   http://bit.ly/2020BTPart2SM by 15 Feb 2020.

Eligibility & Requirements for completion of EMDR Basic Training:

*Qualified Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists who have completed i) Part 1 Training (or an Approved Weekend/Part 1 equivalent EMDR Basic training), and ii) have completed or in the process of completing the minimum 5 consultation sessions, are eligible to apply.

**After attending this Part 2 training, participants will practice using EMDR Therapy at a more advanced level supported by consultation/supervision sessions with an Approved Consultant in order to receive the “Certificate of Completion of Basic Training”.

The fees for the remaining 4 consultation sessions are to be paid directly to the Approved Consultant (not included in the fees above). Consultation fees range between $50/hr – $120/hr depending on group size vs individual sessions.

Please note that while there are different providers of Basic Trainings worldwide, not all are approved by our association. We recommend completing the two parts of the training with a comparable provider/manual.

For enquiries: secretary.emdr.sg@gmail.com 


About the Trainer:

DR SUSHMA MEHROTRA (M.Phil and PhD. Clinical Psychology) is a trainer for EMDR Therapy in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and is the founding president of EMDR Asia as well as EMDR Association India.

She was a full time faculty member at SNDT Women’s University from 1990-2004. She started her career as an academician and continued to guide doctoral students till 2016. She has worked in the arena of mental health and public health not only in India but also in other Asian counties and has been instrumental in pioneering systems that have impacted reach and service provision. She has several academic research to her credit besides contributing to the chapters in two books.

While currently in private practice, she actively volunteers for disaster relief efforts such as the earthquake in Nepal, and the floods in Kashmir, in 2015.

About the trainer-in-training:

Dr Matthew Woo (BHons Science, DClinPsych) is the founding president of EMDR Singapore, and the president of EMDR Asia (2017-2020). He has extensive experience in teaching, therapy and supervision – 23 years of providing psychological therapy in various clinical contexts; previously on the supervision and adjunct teaching faculty (Associate Professor) of the National University of Singapore’s Clinical Master’s and Undergraduate programs; and currently an Adjunct Associate Professor with the National University of Singapore’s program in Psychotherapy. He is a practitioner of EMDR for 10 years and received his qualification as an EMDR Institute facilitator in 2010.